Four of five Danes support legalising medical cannabis

More than 80 percent of Danes are in favour of legalising the medical use of cannabis, a new survey has found, increasing the chance that a pilot scheme planned for next year will lead to an end to prohibition.
The survey by Analyse Denmark found that only five percent of people in Denmark opposed medical cannabis, with the remainder saying they did not have an opinion. 
“It shows that the population understands that certain patient groups have specific problems that cannot be treated by ordinary medicine, but where medical cannabis can help,” Lasse Skovgaard, health policy manager at Denmark’s Multiple Sclerosis Society, told the Avisen newspaper.
“I’m not surprised that there is so much support,” added Mette Bryde Lind, chair of the Danish Arthritis Society. “We see many arthritis patients with chronic pain and a poor quality of life. They have tried several treatments but
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