Wyoming: Senate committee narrows scope of marijuana bill

A Senate committee on Wednesday tightened a bill that deals with penalties for possession of marijuana-infused products.

House Bill 197 originally created a tiered penalty system for possession of small amounts of marijuana or marijuana-infused products.

The penalty system applied to possession of marijuana in plant form of less than 3 ounces and marijuana-infused products less than 8 ounces.

However, the Senate Judiciary Committee last week amended the bill to only apply to marijuana-infused products. It further amended the bill Wednesday to set the misdemeanor cutoff for possession of marijuana-derived products like extracts to 3 grams of such a substance. This is consistent with existing law for liquid forms of drugs.

Three grams is equal to about 0.1 ounces.

The same committee last week also extended the “look-back period” to determine subsequent offenses from five years to 10 years in the bill that emerged from the House.

Other amendments made...

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