Too High? How a New Mexico Cannabis Dispensary Is Dealing With Energy Use

One of New Mexico's top-grossing medical cannabis producers, The Verdes Foundation, implemented Wednesday a new system to help cut energy use at both of its locations.

Nonprofit Verdes says it installed Smart Energy Filter technology from Boston-based energy filtration company Line Loss Pro. In October, Albuquerque Business First reported that cannabis production energy costs in places like Denver can reach $50,000 a month. One report last year indicated cannabis producers can use as much energy as data centers.

Verdes has one location in the Duke City and another in Rio Rancho. The new technology is expected to reduce Verdes' spending on electricity by up to 37 percent, according to a press release from Verdes.

Verdes' director of operations, Rachael Speegle, told Business First in October that the foundation would like to implement renewable energy methods, but obtaining capital for such a project would be tough. Banks won't lend...

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