Medical marijuana support keeps climbing, Iowa Poll shows

An increasingly large majority of Iowans from all walks of life favor allowing people to use marijuana for medical purposes, but relatively few Iowans want the drug legalized for recreation, a new Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll shows.

Eighty percent of Iowa adults now want marijuana legalized for medical purposes, the poll shows. That total is dramatically higher than the 58 percent who favored the idea in a 2013 Iowa Poll, and a bit more than the 78 percent who favored it in a 2016 Iowa Poll.

The new poll shows just 39 percent of Iowans want marijuana legalized for recreational purposes. Although still a minority, that figure represents an increase from the 29 percent who favored such a change in the 2013 Iowa Poll.

Legalized medical marijuana has support from strong majorities of all age groups and political parties, the new poll shows. Support ranges from 88 percent of young adults to 67 percent of senior...

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