A Look At Cannabis Concentrates Over The Ages

Cannabis extracts were used for therapeutic and ritual purposes since prehistoric ages. What's next with THC, CBD and terpenes oil, wax and dabs?

Last years’ increasing clinical evidence on cannabis' benefits helped in speeding up the unrelenting end of prohibitionism, and encouraged the improvement of cannabinoid extraction techniques. The promise of a legal cannabis market led researchers and entrepreneurs to develop wide arrays of pure, concentrated, and customized forms of cannabis derivatives. These new science-supported resins, tinctures, oils, edibles will probably represent the future of spiritual and medical cannabis. However, we know cannabis plant’s compounds were used for therapeutic and ritual purposes since the human kind came on hearth.


Infused concoctions and anointing oils made with botanical preparations have been used since thousands of years, yet the problem with cannabis has always been how to properly dissolve its lipophilic resin without deteriorating some of its...

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