Guam Visitors Bureau to research tourism-related medical marijuana

The Guam Visitors Bureau leadership wants to get more information before it takes a stance on a newly revived proposal to allow medical marijuana tourists into Guam.

GVB President and CEO Nathan Denight said the GVB board had requested for more information on the possible new market before throwing support for or against the idea.

GVB is in the process of putting together research findings, discussing the medical tourism venture with its off-island market offices, and gauging interests in those markets before engaging in the conversation, Denight said.

“We’re working with our offices and our research department to look into it,” Denight said. “We’re still learning about it and putting a frame together backed by some information and research. I want to present (the research) to my board before I give any formal position (on medical marijuana tourism).”

The potential for Guam to develop a tourist-oriented medical marijuana market resurfaced with...

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