Trump Tuesday: Donald Trump Capping a Pen Triggers the Funniest of Photoshop Battles Online

The jokes were aplenty, from replacing the pen with toys and cutlery to handling him a guitar and a violin.

If the last online offering of Barack Obama’s presidency was a whole spate of Joe Biden and Obama memes (and let’s face it, they’re so awesome we can’t get enough of them), then the current US President Donald Trump has been an unending source of photoshoppping memes and battles online ever since his election campaigning days. That he’s now ‘the most powerful man in the world’, who justifiably thinks owning the nuclear codes is ‘very, very scary’, does nothing to lessen the number of memes inspired by him.

If at all, every day is a fresh day for a whole new set of hilarious photo-editing battles online, and we’re not complaining.

The latest is a picture of the US President smugly capping a pen soon after his inauguration, where he...

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