India: This Hyderabad Doctor Was Arrested For Selling Marijuana Chocolates On Instagram And You Thought You Could Only Upload Pics

While some people still depend on local peddlers to score weed or ganja, this 35-year-old neurologist from Hyderabad took the ‘scoring’ game to a whole new level by putting the social media to use for buying and selling of marijuana. Identified as Mohd Sujath Ali Khan, this doctor was arrested for allegedly selling marijuana-infused chocolates on the internet for the past two years. Wow, either he is a pure genius or we are too naïve to not have any knowledge of this online market. The inspector of the special operations team, handling this case, K Narsing Rao said, “He was making chocolates mixed with marijuana and selling them to his customers online through his Instagram account.” If we look at the past instances, Hyderabad seems to have a deep connection with marijuana. Earlier this month, a man’s house was raided in Hyderabad only to find him growing ‘ganja’ ...

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