Arkansas Legislators Look to Amend Medical Marijuana with Three New Proposed Bills

State Representative Robin Lundstrum (R-District 87) helped introduced three bills into the House that looked to amend the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment in several different ways.

On Monday, Rep. Lundstrum, along with Senator Gary Stubbefield (R-District 6) as a primary sponsor in the Senate, introduced a bill that would put a ban on medical marijuana edibles. The proposed amendment to the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment, HB1392, would not allow medical marijuana edibles to be manufactured, sold, purchased, or exchanged in Arkansas. However, a patient prescribed medical marijuana or their caregiver may still put marijuana into their food or drink.

Rep. Lundstrum has also introduced two other amendments to the medical marijuana law. Senator Jason Rapert (R-District 35) joined Lundstrum as a primary sponsor for House Bill 1400. The proposed amendment, which was filed on Monday at 4:20 p.m., would ban smoking marijuana in any location in Arkansas. The proposed bill does not goes...

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