Marijuana society decries raids on dispensaries in Saint John

Advocates for medical marijuana are denouncing a series of police raids in Saint John on cannabis dispensaries in the city.

Six stores were raided by officers from the Saint John city police and nearby forces on Tuesday and 12 people were charged with possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking, echoing earlier raids in Halifax, Toronto, Montreal and elsewhere.

City police chief John Bates has said the dispensaries are operating illegally and police cannot "hypothesize" what the Liberal government will do with their marijuana legislation, or when they will do it.

However, the group Maritimers Unite for Medical Marijuana Society said on Wednesday in a news release that a Federal Court decision suggests the dispensaries are operating within the bounds of the law.

Chris Rideout, the chair of the society, says in the release that many licensed users of medical marijuana rely on the dispensaries to access their marijuana....

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