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Legal Loophole Allowing for Low-THC Cannabis Sale in Switzerland

A legal form of cannabis, C-Pure, is being bought, sold, and consumed in Switzerland due to an inadvertent legislative loophole – throwing into question the wider ability and purpose of policing cannabis.

C-Pure is legal under Swiss law as it contains less than one per cent THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the main psychoactive constituent of cannabis. Dario Tobler, director of Bio Can AGOrganic – the company that created C-Pure – says that the product “has no intoxicating effect” because of its low THC content.

The legal loophole that allows for the sale of C-Pure occurred in 2011 when the Swiss Narcotics Act was amended; the legislation created an exemption from prohibition for cannabis with an average THC level of less than one per cent. This threshold was included so that fabrics and cosmetics could be manufactured from cannabis plants.

Under the current law, if police find an adult in possession of up to...

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