Trump Tuesday: 21 Funny Donald Trump Signs At The Women's March That Make Everything Seem A Little Brighter

When used in the context of a protest or demonstration, signs serve many purposes. At the Women's March on Washington and its 600-plus sister marches across the world on Saturday, people are using signs to broadcast their reasons for marching, and their hopes and demands. Their signs are directed at their fellow marchers, the world bearing witness, and even to the new president himself. And from the look of it so far, some of the march's funniest signs are about Trump.

The Women's March on Washington's official mission and vision statement makes no mention of Trump. And yet, that Trump's election was the catalyst for it all cannot be erased from it. Signs featuring Trump remind viewers of that as well how he reacts to criticism. Some of the best signs out there are doing that with humor—something that, as Saturday Night Live has shown, particularly gets to the perhaps...

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