Wyoming: Lots of Older Conservative Folks Favor Medical Marijuana

One of the most conservative members of the Wyoming State Senate is Cale Case (R-Lander). He favors approval of a medical marijuana bill and says there is a surprising amount of support for such an effort among older, conservative Wyomingites.

I happened to be with Case during his recent talk to the Lander Rotary Club. He asked the crowd of 50, how many would favor such a measure? Some 35 hands were raised – 70 percent!

Earlier, Cale had joined our Fox News All-Stars coffee group (average age 69) and took a similar poll. All of the nine people there favored it.

It could be assumed that all these people voting in favor were not anxious to become recreational users. But rather they all know people who have serious illnesses like cancer and worse and whose well-being could benefit from this legislation.

Case, who has been enduring a several-year battle...

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