Guam: Recreational Marijuana Bill Wrapping Up

Gov. Eddie Calvo is preparing to submit legislation related to the use of recreational marijuana within the month, according to his senior advisor, Troy Torres. Legislation may appear as early as next week.

Calvo began discussing the legalizing of recreational marijuana in late December 2016 around the time he vetoed Bill 344-33, a measure that would have allowed for home cultivation of medical marijuana. At that time, the governor cited concerns with additional cost and oversight the measure would have created.

To develop the bill, Calvo and his staff had been looking to states that allowed for recreational marijuana, noting the ease at which the substance was regulated compared to its medical counterpart. Oyaol Ngirairikl, the governor's spokeswoman, said Calvo has had discussions with the treasurer of Colorado – which legalized recreational use in 2014 – who spoke about the challenges of monitoring medicinal marijuana because of cost and manpower....

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