Texas Lawmakers Consider Reforming Marijuana Laws

Several bills pre-filed in 2017 legislature.

Several bills filed by Texas lawmakers would decriminalize marijuana in the state, or at least allow it for medical reasons.

The 2017 session begins Tuesday.

"I believe Texas is at a tipping point where we're seeing the rest of the country having a sensible marijuana policy,” said Shaun McAlister of Arlington, the leader of DFW NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Eight states have now legalized marijuana possession. Some 28 allow it to be used for medicinal purposes. 

But critics, like recently retired Texas Department of Public Safety narcotics agent Corky Schalchlin of Frisco, don’t see any changes coming.

"I just don't think it has the legs in Texas to stand,” Schalchlin said. “We go through this every couple years with the legislature."

This year, Texas lawmakers have pre-filed several bills.

One would allow voters to decide on legalizing medical...

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