Outgoing Vermont Governor Likely To Pardon Hundreds Of Marijuana Offenders

Having a marijuana offense on a person’s record can wreak havoc on that person’s life for many years, well after they were caught with marijuana. A marijuana conviction can prevent a person from getting financial assistance in college, prevent them from getting a job, and even prevent them from being approved for a rental property to live in. That’s why I always call a marijuana conviction on a person’s record the ‘marijuana scarlet letter.’

Vermont decriminalized marijuana in 2013, making what was once a crime an infraction. Vermont’s outgoing Governor feels that anyone convicted of a marijuana offense that is now not a crime in Vermont should have their convictions pardoned. Governor Shumlin asked people that fit that description to apply before he left office. Per NECN:

In his final days as the state’s top executive, outgoing Democratic Gov. Peter Shumlin is expected to issue what could be hundreds

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