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A Minnesota man just got four years in prison for marijuana. In 2016.

Closer inspection revealed 260 packages filled with high-grade marijuana. They called the cops, who laid in wait for the shipment’s recipient, one Steven Yang.

Yang would plead guilty to first-degree drug possession with intent to sell 258 pounds. At his sentencing this month, his attorney, Sia Lo, told the judge his 27-year-old client had no criminal record of any kind, and was currently caring for a disabled brother and his father.

Yang said his giant failed pot deal was “one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my life.”

Judge Gina Brandt rubbed it in: “Mr. Yang, I hope this was the worst mistake you ever made.”

Yang received a 74-month sentence. With good behavior, he’ll be out around New Year’s Day, 2021.

A month earlier, voters in four states passed measures to legalize marijuana for recreational use, bringing the total to eight. About 68 million people live in those...

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