Bureaucratic Red Tape Frustrates Czech Cannabis Patients

In Germany a high court decision in April gave an MS patient the right to cultivate at home and forced the government to begin creating a robust system to increase access to medical cannabis for all Germans. But until such court victories are won in the Czech Republic, the lack of supply and prescriptions and the high prices will force thousands of patients to continue illegally sourcing their medical herbs.

Domestic cultivation woes

The latest developments in the Czech medical cannabis program show how the authorities’ Catch-22-style of implementing laws could destroy years of hard work. The Czech State Institute for Drug Control (SUKL) has taken applications for domestic growers, but in the past, rounds had chosen only one producer who grew just one strain with nearly 20 percent THC and very little CBD. The SUKL then refused to buy two of three pre-ordered batches of 23 pounds of dried...

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