Interview with Dr Arno Hazekamp, Cannabis Researcher: 'Despite Legal Sanction, Medicinal Cannabis Poorly Researched in India'

The Dutch scientist, who was in Delhi recently, speaks to Harikrishnan Nair on the relevance of medical cannabis and present status of research in the field.

What is the latest and most exciting development in medicinal cannabis research?
A very exciting development is that more and more countries are allowing medicinal cannabis to be used by patients. As a result, research becomes easy and more sources of high-quality cannabis and allied products like oil are available to scientists. Until recently, it was almost impossible to deal in legal scientific research in most countries.

What are the effects of cannabinoids (found only in cannabis, hence the name) on the human body?
Cannabinoids interact with the human Endocannabinoid System. Every cell has receptors. When a molecule binds to its corresponding receptor, it urges the cell to do something. This is how cells produce chemicals. Now, cells have cannabinoid receptors CB1...

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