Canada: 8 Burning Questions About the Coming Federal Pot Report

Who can buy and sell pot, where it will be sold, and who gets the profits, all up in the air.

The federal task force on marijuana regulation and legalization hands over its final report to the government today, moving Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's promise to legalize marijuana one step closer to completion.

The nine members of the task force held roundtables with experts across the country, visited two U.S. states where pot is already legal and got advice from about 28,000 Canadians through online consultations. 

It's expected to take days if not weeks for the government to publicly release the panel's report. When it does, here are some big outstanding questions to watch for.

What age limit will it recommend?

Two big reasons why Trudeau says he wants to legalize marijuana are to keep it out of the hands of "children" and to cut off profits to organized crime.  

Setting the legal age too high could encourage young people...

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