Trump Faces Pressure From Within GOP to Protect and Foster Marijuana Reform

Ann Lee and Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition don’t consider prohibition a conservative value.

Ann Lee remembers vividly the day that her paraplegic son, Richard, told her and her late husband, Bob, that marijuana helped his condition. “It was in August 1990, he was in a tier in the rehab hospital,” she says. “Richard looked at us in his wheelchair and said, ‘Marijuana is good for me.’ He was hesitant about saying that because he knew we were supporting the drug war.”

Richard used to do stage lighting and sound equipment for the rock group Aerosmith. One tragic day, he fell from scaffolding and a screwdriver, sitting in his bag below, pierced his back and lodged into his spine, paralyzing him from the waist down. He later read an article on spasticity, and learned how marijuana might help him. When he finally broached the subject with his...

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