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Switzerland: Zurich Legislature is in Favour of Medical Cannabis

Zurich residents with illness may have a card that allows them to acquire cannabis more easily.

The medical cannabis user should be able to obtain it more easily in the city of Zurich. The City Council of Zurich followed up a postulate of the Greens by 80 votes to 36 last Wednesday .

It is already possible for patients to calm their pain by means of cannabis products. However, they require an authorization from the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

But the procedure to obtain the latter is so complicated that many patients go and supply themselves with cannabis by illegal means, explained the Zurich Greens. Criminalizing these people makes no sense.

And a Socialist representative added that the current authorization procedure is cumbersome and bureaucratic. It increases the expense of the health system and makes it useless.

The Greens' proposal foresees a new system of distribution of cannabis to...

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