Cannabis and Catholicism clash in RI

Some devotees of the Our Lady of Guadalupe portrait report seeing tears miraculously appear on the 500-year-old image of the Virgin Mary.

Anne Armstrong, of West Greenwich, viewed a replica of the venerated illustration and saw marijuana blossoms adorning Mary's dress.

Her interpretation ultimately landed her behind bars.

For of all things: too much pot in her possession.

The story of the icon and how it played a role in Armstrong's arrest is now part of a federal suit she has filed claiming religious infringement by law enforcement officials and defamation by a Vermont man who has the 6-foot replica in question back in his custody.

Armstrong is one of the leaders of the Healing Church, which uses marijuana and its derivatives in religious rituals. In recent years, church leaders have filed several court complaints challenging government interference with their religious activities.

Cannabis use dates back to the earliest days...

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