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Marijuana Grown in Uruguay Only Enough for 25% of Consumers

Marijuana grown in Uruguay only enough for 25% of consumers. The Monitoring Cannabis team of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of the Republic estimated that only 25% of regular consumers will be able to access legal marijuana from Uruguay.

By October 2016, 5,332 farmers were registered in the regulatory framework program, as required by law. Additionally there are 22 buyers’ clubs registered in the Institute of Regulation and Control of Cannabis. Each club is allowed to have a maximum of 45 affiliates..

There are also two licenses granted to producers which authorizes them to sell in pharmacies, each of which has a cap of two tons per year.

At the seminar of Evaluation and Monitoring of cannabis regulation, two important scenarios were presented that helped to reach the aforementioned percentage. They were based on the amount of marijuana consumed annually by those who used it habitually, versus the...

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