Why Arizona's Legalization Initiative Was The Only One That Failed Nationwide

Two things need to happen in the wake of Arizona’s failure to become the 9th state to legalize recreational marijuana on Nov. 8, according to the state director of Arizona NORML.

“We need to have the campaign, whatever campaign it is, address the fact that there’s 40 percent of the population that does not live in the Phoenix Metro area and those people need to be part of the picture," said Mikel Weisser. 

"And we need to come up with some agreement on what we want to do, because we can’t make progress when we’re fighting against each other."

It’s been just under two weeks since Proposition 205 – or the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Arizona – was defeated by a narrow margin of 80,000 votes, making it the only state legalization initiative to fail in the U.S. election. Among those close to the cause, there's not much...

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