Danish Farmers Want to Produce Cannabis Domestically to Satisfy the Country's New Demand

In a test starting 2018, therapeutic marijuana will be legal in Denmark for 1,500 patients suffering from chronic diseases. Danish farmers are lobbying the government to allow them to satisfy this new market, Dagens Nyheter reports.

Since it's currently illegal to grow marijuana in Denmark, cannabis for the trial is being imported from the state-run production of the Netherlands. 

But as the only producer for medicinal marijuana in Europe the Netherlands can only supply a tenth of the demand for therapeutic cannabis the Danish test group is facing. Should the test result in permanent legalization of medicinal marijuana the problem will become all the more acute.  

Danish farmers want to solve this problem by making it legal to produce cannabis for medicinal purposes in Denmark. For this purpose the organization Landbrug & Fødevarer are lobbying the government to investigate and review the matter of cannabis production in Denmark. 

According to...

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