Is Legalized Recreational Marijuana Use on Connecticut's Horizon?

Voters in Massachusetts approved the recreational use of marijuana starting in 2018. It's a measure some Connecticut legislators have pushed for in the past without success. But now proponents think the tide might be changing in Connecticut. 

The approval of recreational pot in neighboring Massachusetts is already sparking conversation to the south. New Haven Rep. Juan Candelaria, who’s introduced legislation in the past, said the biggest attraction to legalization is tax revenue.

"We cannot move forward to the new legislative session talking about increasing taxes to the working families," he said. "We cannot cut our self out of the deficit. We need to find new forms of revenue. We have a mechanism in place and that’s recreational marijuana."

Connecticut has already decriminalized small amounts of marijuana and legalized its medical use, but opponents say reports on other addiction based substances like alcohol and tobacco already prove the costs...

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