As Voters Reject Prop. 205, Marijuana in Arizona to Remain Prescription-Only

Arizona's ballot measure to legalize marijuana trailed in early election results, and final unofficial tallies showed voters saying "no" to Proposition 205.

The race — which pitted business interests against the legal medical-marijuana industry backed by a pro-legalization group, the Washington, D.C.-based Marijuana Policy Project — echoed the 2010 effort to legalize medical marijuana, which narrowly prevailed. The tally of complete results was likely to take several days.

Republicans gathered at a downtown Phoenix hotel cheered the early results that showed Proposition 205 down.

Some said they voted against it because they don’t want stoned drivers on Arizona roadways. Others said they thought the measure was poorly written, saying it provided contradictory language on impaired driving. Prop. 205 says driving a car, boat or other vehicle while impaired by marijuana would remain illegal. But foes of the measure point to other language in the measure that says the state could not punish someone “for...

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