Trump Tuesday: Jon Stewart joins Stephen Colbert to slam Trump once more on election eve

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Did you really think Jon Stewart could stay off TV the night before the presidential election?

Not so much! The former “Daily Show” host joined his pal Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show” Monday night to encourage the audience to vote — and to slam Donald Trump one last time before Election Day.

During the live episode of his show, Colbert staged an elaborate musical performance that started with a small child actor in the audience (or, as Colbert called her, an “adorable little street urchin”) dressed in old-timey garb who told Colbert she was “too scared to vote.”


So Colbert sang a Broadway-style tune about how easy it is to vote. Just as it looked like he was going to throw to commercial, out strolled Stewart.

Colbert introduced Stewart as the “mayor of Candytown,” which was fitting, considering his outfit. “If the girl does not want to...

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