Trump Tuesday: Samantha Bee Spreads Her Own Conspiracy Theory About Donald Trump

Since Donald Trump seems to enjoy conspiracy theories so much, Samantha Beeis spreading her own one about the GOP nominee.

The “Full Frontal” host used her new “People Are Saying” segment to allege that he’s illiterate― referencing the phrase Trump often uses before launching into his latest wild unsubstantiated claim.

“After seeing how easy and fun it is to take random scraps of evidence and spin them into ridiculous conspiracy theories, we decided to try it ourselves, because why the fuck not?” said Bee, before adding, “You heard it here first, people are saying Donald Trump can’t read.”

To counter those accusing her show of “making cheap jokes about our presidential candidate allegedly being illiterate,” Bee said she had “evidence, so much evidence, the best evidence.”

The comedian then used a series of exhibits to prove her point, which immediately set the hashtag...

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