Asia's Best Marijuana Is Grown In India And Its In Kerala. Here's The Full Story Of Idukki Gold

If you have ever smoked weed aka ganja/marijuana or if you know anyone who is into it, you might have heard about something like Malana hash, one of the most sought after cannabis variant in northern India.

Grown in the beautiful hills of Himachal Pradesh, it is pretty much a go-to stuff for stoners and available across all 'secret corners'.

But if you are a hardcore user you might have come across something called 'Idukki gold' aka 'Kerala gold'.

The name once again comes from where it is grown - Idukki in Kerala. The district which falls in the western ghats is an ideal setup to grow some real strong stuff. 

When I say real strong stuff, that is derived from the expression and excitement of many weed smokers, I have seen when I say that "I am from Idukki".


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