Why proposed rules for marijuana jobs in Alaska's pot shops are being criticized

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Alaska’s growing marijuana industry is attracting workers, but proposed regulations for employees that many have deemed too harsh may keep industry hopefuls from entering the field.

State Marijuana Control Board Chairman Peter Mlynarik said the rules are meant to ensure new hires have some sort of background check. But critics question why they are inconsistent with those required for similar worker permits for Alaska’s alcohol businesses.

Steven Cehula, who plans on working in the industry, said the proposed rules for occupational licensing “are incongruent with the voice of the people and unfair.”

“This is limiting opportunities for employment without any tangible benefit for the state or city. Disqualifying potential cannabis workers for something that would not preclude them from working in the alcohol or tobacco industry simply doesn’t make sense,” Cehulda told the Alaska Journal of Commerce.

Under the draft regulations, Alaskans can’t obtain a marijuana handler’s permit if they...

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