Trump Tuesday: Here's the Video Everyone's Talking About of Trump and Clinton Roasting Each Other

Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton roasted each other at the Al Smith charity dinner. Highlights in the video above.

As terrifying this presidential campaign season has been, I was somewhat conflicted when the third and final debate wrapped up on Wednesday night. Millions of Americans will be happy to never see these two together in the same room again, but some of us are going to miss the sparks that flew every time they met.

To that end, we figured it might be worth sharing the full video from the Al Smith charity dinner in New York City this week, where the two presidential candidates roasted one another mercilessly for the amusement of the crowd.

For a little bit of history, presidential candidates have been attending the white tie event since 1960. Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, both George H.W. and George W. Bush as well as sitting president Barack Obama.

If you felt...

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