Chile Opens First Medical Cannabis Club

The first medical cannabis club in Chile, Botánica Orgánica Cannabis Internacional (BOCI), opened in the northern city of Arica in early September.

BOCI provides access to premium quality cannabis for people who are prescribed cannabis-based medicines but unable to self-cultivate. Such patients may be unable to do so because of lack of knowledge about the cultivation process, limited access to growing space, or simply the debilitating nature of their illness. The club currently has around 20 members.

The creation of BOCI is the latest step in Chile’s journey away from strict prohibition of cannabis. The country, once renowned for its conservatism, is now leading the way on medicinal cannabis in Latin America.

In October 2014, the Daya Foundation planted Latin America’s first crop of medical cannabis in a government-approved pilot programme which produced cannabis oil for 200 cancer patients. The programme has now been up-scaled, with nearly 7,000 plants harvested...

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