Alberta's Kathleen Ganley Says Marijuana Wasn't 'Cash Cow' for Colorado

Alberta's justice minister says marijuana has not been a "cash cow" for Colorado, but neither has it led to widespread criminal activity.

Kathleen Ganley travelled to Colorado late last week to talk to U.S. officials about how they dealt with the legalization of marijuana in their state.

The priority for the province, Ganley says, is to get a regulatory framework in place to ensure that pot stays out of the hands of children, and that our roadways remain safe from impaired drivers.

The federal Liberals intend to legalize pot in the spring of 2017, and provinces are scrambling to prepare for the change.

"It really did highlight the number of different systems that have to move together on this," Ganley said, citing heath, justice, fire safety, zoning, and regulation of the plants themselves.

However, she said Colorado didn't experience any of the "dramatic" changes that many were predicting back when the U.S. state legalized...

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