Friday Funny: Johnny Carson’s Sly Late Night Cannabis Battle with NBC

Johnny Carson, the beloved silver-haired late night talk show host and cultural icon, never made his relationship with cannabis public domain. Instead, he preferred to slip in subtle jabs about marijuana in relation to the stars he profiled rather than speak about his own feelings towards the wacky tobacky.

Although Carson loved to poke fun and make jokes about marijuana, the producers at NBC didn’t find it all that funny. He was warned to keep it under wraps, and he generally agreed, keeping his own political commentary to a minimum.

But What Were Carson’s Thoughts on Cannabis?

Of course, impartiality has its drawbacks. When confronted by Alex Haley ofPlayboy Magazine in 1967 for deliberately avoiding controversy, Johnny shot back with “Well, bullshit! I just don’t feel that Johnny Carson should become a social commentator.”

After a few more coaxing questions, he eventually opened up a bit about his personal feelings on grass.


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