Germany and the Czech Republic: The "Where to Go" for Hemp Beer

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Hemp beer is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. More and more supermarkets and wine shops in Germany and the Czech Republic, in particular, stock hemp beer which is no big surprise as these are two well-known beer loving countries. However, is that the only reason that the popularity of hemp beer is on the rise there?

After all, cannabis and alcohol share a turbulent relationship. Research shows that alcohol increases the concentration of THC in the bloodstream and as such, many people feel that booze and cannabis is an unpredictable combination that often goes south.

On the other hand, increasing numbers of people are coming to appreciate the combination of hemp and beer. Hemp contains little to no THC, the psychoactive substance found in cannabis. It does, however, enrich beer with the flavour of cannabis and that combination appears to be much loved.

A golden combination

Beer doesn’t combine well with...

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