Trump Tuesday: Alec Baldwin Nails Donald Trump's Debate Performance in SNL Cold Open

The first presidential debate may have been a disaster for Donald Trump, but it was something of a godsend for fans of Saturday Night Live.

Debuting its 42nd season last night, SNL featured a cold open with Alec Baldwin as Trump and Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton parodying the caricatures that came through to 100 million viewers in real time this past Monday.

McKinnon’s Clinton impression was characteristically excellent. “I get it: You hate me,” she says. “Here’s a tip: If you never want to see my face again, elect me president, and I swear to God I will lock myself in the Oval Office and not come out for four years.”

But it was Baldwin as Trump who really stole the show (perhaps the Republican presidential nominee is something of an easy target). Among the moments of Baldwin-as-Trump that captured just how surreal the debate was to watch in real time:...

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