Christiania's Fatal Shooting And The Future Of Cannabis In Copenhagen

In Christiania, Denmark, after a shoot-out between a known drug dealer and police officers, cannabis-friendly residents have decided that the unregulated drug market in their midst needs to end.

“Pusher Street” in Christiania, a semi-autonomous cannabis hippy haven in the middle of Copenhagen, is struggling with its identity right now as one of the most pot-friendly enclaves in any European city outside of Amsterdam.

On August 31, a known drug dealer went on a shooting spree after police attempted to arrest him, wounding three people, including two police officers in the process. He later died from his wounds in a local hospital after engaging in a shootout before his eventual capture. In the immediate aftermath of the incident, residents themselves began to dismantle the huts and stalls that had become a regular feature of Christiania’s drug accepting culture and its highly profitable, high profile if not strictly legit hash...

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