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Regulated Cannabis Markets: A Look At Three Models

Cannabis regulation comes in different forms throughout the world. We showcase Portugal, Netherlands, and Colorado in their approach to cannabis regulation.

Drug possession, use, and distribution are under different regulations throughout the world. Most of the countries make a difference when it comes to so-called soft and hard drugs. Hard drugs are loosely defined as drugs with an unacceptable degree of addictiveness (physical addiction) and/or physical harm.

Cannabis falls under the domain of soft drugs, as there is minimal physical harm even when used irresponsibly and the addiction caused in heavy users is still only psychological. As such cannabis regulations in the world are usually less harsh than those for let’s say heroin or cocaine.

In this article, we look at the drug regulation policies, especially those pertaining cannabis, in three different countries. Portugal, Netherlands and Colorado all have quite progressive, but different, approaches to cannabis regulation and we shall...

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