Monthly Marijuana Cooking Class Teaches Calgarians to Cook With Cannabis

Recipes include cannabis cooking oils, flour and butter.

A group of Calgarians took part in a special cooking class Saturday to learn to cook with marijuana.

First up, Crystal Gooding explained her recipe for CannaCoconut Oil, which is coconut oil infused with marijuana.

"You're going to dump your cannabis in there, your ounce... and you're going to bring it to a good simmer," she told the group of about 15 people who turned up at the 420 Clinic in Inglewood for the cooking class.

Gooding also shared recipes for cannabis olive oil, cannabis flour and cannabis butter.

"My favourite is melting [the cannabis butter] and putting it on popcorn," she said.

"But you can put it in a pan on a low heat and you can fry your fish in there [or] sprinkle it in on your vegetables when they're done cooking."

Michael Wiesenberg

Michael Wiesenberg

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