50 Shades of Weed: Juneau's Cannabis Growers Are Planning Variety on Store Shelves

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You know wine. You’re about to learn cannabis.

Earlier this month, Rainforest Farms became Juneau’s first working cannabis farm. Among its 240-some plants are 55 different varieties of pot. Two other Juneau farms have applied for licenses, and four other farms have started the licensing process, according to records kept by the Alaska Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office.

By the end of October, when retail sales are expected to begin, consumers will be confronted with dozens of different cannabis options. For connoisseurs, it promises to be a buffet of choice. For the rest of us, it’s cause for curiosity. Isn’t weed … well, weed?

Not at all, said Gionno Barrett, one of the two principal figures behind Rainforest Farms. Each strain is different, offering hints of flavors.

“The flavors make it a lot of fun,” he said.

“Right now, the No. 1 thing different strains give you … is choice,”...

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