The Hidden C in Malawi's Three Cs

There are three main drugs of abuse in Malawi, namely alcohol and Cannabis Sativa

The Malawi Government (GoM) uses what is called the drug scheduling system to declassify and classify drugs in the country.

Under the Dangerous Drugs Act of the Laws of Malawi, there are three schedules of controlled substances known as Parts which weigh a drug’s medical value and its abuse potential.

The GoM considers cannabis, raw and prepared, to have a potential for abuse and no medical value. The growing, possession and usage of cannabis is illegal in the country.

In this feature the author was examining the use of Cannabis amongst young people in Malawi.

Cannabis is famously known as “chamba” in the native language, Chewa.

Hence the drug must always be kept away from the reach of the general public.

Ironically the worldwide nicknames, street names and slang for Marijuana as provided by Google include...

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