UK: A thousand cannabis plants a day are seized by police but number of prosecutions fall 40%

Police are seizing 1,000 cannabis plants a day – but prosecutions for growing the drug have plummeted.

A total of 366, 841 plants were recovered last year in England and Wales. In the same period the number of criminals hauled to court for cultivating marijuana dropped by 40 per cent.

Anti-drugs campaigners accused police of going soft on cannabis offenders and allowing them to ‘laugh at the law’.

Figures published by an insurer show the West Midlands is the cannabis-growing capital of Britain, with an average of 150 plants a day seized by the authorities – 15 per cent of the UK total.

More than 54,700 marijuana plants were confiscated there in 2015, dwarfing the 38,369 found by Scotland Yard in London.

Greater Manchester Police recorded the second highest volume of cannabis plant confiscations, with 41,569 – an increase of 24 per cent on the previous year.

Suffolk Constabulary found...

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