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More research marijuana coming as NIDA monopoly falls

More research marijuana coming as NIDA monopoly falls

DEA fails to reschedule marijuana, ends monopoly instead. (Photo by David Downs)

American medical researchers will get access to thousands of more pounds of U.S. government-certified marijuana, potentially spurring dozens of breakthroughs for chronic pain and depression, under a historic new shift in DEA policy.

In a major moment in for global drug law reform, the Drug Enforcement Administration is expected to announce an end to its monopoly on what it deems ‘research-grade’ marijuana.

Currently only one farm in America is allowed to grow pot for medical research. It’s located at the University of Mississippi, and licensed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, whose congressional mandate requires them to find the harms in pot, not any benefits.

Critics consider NIDA’s supplies of research-grade pot woefully below average compared to what patients can find in places like California....

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