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Will Medical Cannabis Really Work for My Chronic Pain?

Severe pain drove this average Minnesotan to seek the comforts of medical cannabis. Here's how things worked out for her. 

Earlier this year, one of my friends asked: “Will medical cannabis get you stoned?”

This was just before my first appointment to get “qualified” for medical cannabis use. I wasn’t sure how to answer.

What did I know about medical cannabis? Not much. I struggled to parse what I was finding online. Perhaps I was naive in expecting straightforward information communicated by words without multiple meaning. So I was thrown off by the lingo.

For example, I began my quest, back in February 2016, by asking my primary care doctor whether she “prescribed” medical cannabis. She did not, she said. I later learned the distinction between “prescribe” and “qualify.” Federal law prohibits U.S. doctors from prescribing medical cannabis, because it is still an illegal substance according to federal law.


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