The Green Olympic Rings At The Rio Opening Ceremony Were HIGHLY Discussed

The Olympics opening ceremony in Rio de Janeiro has been many things: An introduction to Brazilian culture; a parade of many, many nations; and a collection of entertaining moments. Naturally, Twitter users have been on the case all Friday night long, not letting the smallest details go unnoticed. There was a moment when the tops of those silver, cheese grater-looking boxes exploded to reveal green plants that formed the Olympic rings. Now, I don't know about you, but to me and many viewers on Twitter, those green Olympic rings looked like weed.

Not only that, but the performance showed a big puff of green smoke emitting from the cheese-grater looking contraptions as they revealed the plans, adding even more visuals that brought marijuana to the mind of many people watching. Clearly, none of this was intentional. Still, sometimes viewers can't help but see a sillier version of things — it...

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