Trump Tuesday: The Simpsons Trash Donald Trump as President in Fake Ad

America’s first family has finally weighed in on the upcoming presidential election.

No, not the Obamas, who made their feelings plain at the Democratic convention last week – The Simpsons

The long-running Fox comedy show released a short clip on YouTube late on Sunday night, showing Homer and Marge Simpson watching a political advertisement on late-night television in order to settle who they plan to vote for.

The ad in question follows the format of Hillary Clinton’s famous “3am” spotfrom the 2008 Democratic presidential primary, with a severe voiceover asking the animated couple “who [they] want answering the call”.

In one version, the proverbial 3am call is answered by former president Bill Clinton, who is ruefully forced to admit that the call is for his wife. “From now on, it’s always for me,” the former secretary of state snaps at her husband.

But the most scathing humour of the...

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