Medical Marijuana, Inc. Accelerates Takeover of Latin American Cannabis Market

One company has made it their mission over the past year to expand access to cannabinoid-based products to people across Latin America. Since summer of 2014, Medical Marijuana, Inc. has been the first company to have cannabis products approved for import and use in three separate countries, Brazil, Mexico, and Paraguay, and has shown that is eager to develop additional untapped markets for future development.

Mexico has recently added 22 new patients to its list of those approved to import Real Scientific Hemp Oil™, a form of cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil sold by Medical Marijuana, Inc. that has shown beneficial effects in those with a number of conditions, including intractable epilepsy, that resist traditional treatments.

Of the 22 patients approved to import Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ or RSHO™, most are adolescents suffering from epilepsy. With little hope in expensive traditional treatments that have proven to be ineffective,...

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