EXCLUSIVE: Mitigate Risk of an IRS Audit for your Marijuana Business

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The Internal Revenue Service is after cannabis companies in Colorado, sparking uncertainty and unease among cannabis businesses. The newest audits are focusing on Form 8300, which is the form used to report cash transactions of $10,000 or more. The IRS is investigating large cash transactions which have been processed by these businesses for evidence of money laundering and underreporting of business income. While some marijuana-related businesses in Colorado have already been able to settle their Form 8300 audits, other business owners are dealing with audits from the IRS regarding Section 280E.

For cannabis companies, an IRS audit doesn't only come along with the risk of having to pay additional tax liabilities, the businesses may also be hit with fraud or other criminal charges because cannabis is still considered to be an illegal drug under federal statutes. Generally, businesses that earn $200,000 can expect to be audited at a higher...

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